Seattle Casts a Long Shadow

With its clean Arcology and their filtered lifestyle, residents of the City of Seattle have it easy, even during the Aeon War. It’s a shame you aren’t there.

For nearly two hundred years, Tacoma has lived in the shadow of its more successful neighbor, emerging only for the occasional disaster or other event. This has, of course, led to occasional comical displays from Tacoma residents, trying to break out from the shadow.

Tacoma has not had an easy time of it. It’s been sixty years since Tacoma’s last Renaissance, and the city was struggling even before the Aeon War began. Three consecutive Mayoral administrations were racked by scandal and the Tacoma police department has been investigated by the NEG authorities more than any other department on the West Coast – and, given the recent history of the LAPD, it is an impressive feat.

With the deteriorating condition of the railroads and the interstate system, the loss of shipping by sea, and the fact that Seattle has essentially abandoned Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (relying instead on Boeing Field), Tacoma’s economy is in a state of collapse. Without shipping infrastructure, they can’t obtain the raw materials necessary to maintain their historically blue-collar manufacturing and shipping economy. While occasionally an artist from Tacoma will catch the eye of the critics in Chicago, the thriving arts scene is mostly ignored by the outside world.

Welcome to Tacoma. Once the City of Destiny, its future is anything but clear.


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