Tacoma Police Department

The Tacoma Police Department has remained nearly unchanged for over a century. There are three main divisions:

The Operations department is in charge of emergency response and patrolling the city. Traditionally, the Operations Department is underfunded and understaffed. By city ordinance, they are required to have at least one Sorcerer on duty at all times. In practice, however, they usually have a civilian contractor on-call.

The infamous Riot Squad and SWAT Teams are both part of the Operations Department.

The Investigations Bureau is in charge of following-up on the Operations department’s work. Where the Operations officers try to stop crime as it is happening, Investigations works to solve it after-the-fact. Because of this, Investigations tends to be a safer job than Operations. many of the Investigations Bureau staff started in Operations before being promoted or transferred.

There are four main sections to the Investigations team – Violent Crimes, Major Crimes, Special Investigations, and Forensic Services. In theory, these teams have very little overlap in terms of their cases. In practice, however, the Occult Investigation Squad (part of the Special Investigations Section) works closely with the other three sections on a regular basis.

The Division of Extranormal Activities is technically part of Investigations, but they report directly to the chief for all of their investigations, and they also coordinate with Federal law enforcement agencies. The Occult Investigation Squad is the team tasked with solving crimes using Occult means – Will “Dex” Dexter and Natalina are both technically members of the OIS.

Administrative Services
This Bureau has a high number of civilian contractors. Administrative Services is in charge of all of the paperwork generated by the other two Bureaus, as well as being responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training new police officers. Most of the non-civilian personnel in this Bureau started out in Operations or Investigations. Many of them see this as a demotion.

The Internal Affairs Division is part of the Administrative Services Bureau, but several IAD officers work in the other two Bureaus as well.

Notable People:
Chief of Police Joseph Warren

Tacoma Police Department

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