Tacoma is the center of the game. As such, players should be relatively familiar with it.

There are a number of neighborhoods, each with its own sights and personality.

It’s grown since 2012, despite the conflict. Not including military personnel, there are now almost 300,000 people packed into the same area that held 198k in 2010. The majority of the growth are refugees from Asia, mostly displaced Russians and Chinese.

The main neighborhoods are:

Central Tacoma

New Tacoma

Nalley Valley

Port of Tacoma

East Tacoma

North Tacoma

Northeast Tacoma

South End

South Tacoma

West Tacoma

Nearby cities and towns include:

Puyallup to the Southeast.
Fife to the East
Federal Way to the Northeast
Gig Harbor to the Northwest
Lakewood and Parkland to the South

(This list is subject to change)


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