Riot Squad

The Riot Squad is common name for the Power Armored Response Team of the Tacoma Police Department. Restraint is not something for which they are noted. Neither is respect for the legal rights of suspects they apprehend.

There are currently 24 armored members of the squad, with eight on active duty at any given time, eight “on-call,” and eight off-shift. In addition to the patrol members, there is a support, maintenance, and repair team of 16 technicians.

At any given time, half of the active-duty squad is at New City Hall, and the other half is on patrol in their MK-5 Crusader power armor.

While it has not been seen on the streets, there is a persistent rumor that the team has one MK-10 Centurion available to it, should it become necessary.

The squad’s primary duty is crowd control, and they were instrumental in putting down the Salishan Food Riots a decade ago, showing (in the process) some nonstandard armament for their MK-5s.

The Riot Squad has been investigated by the NEG more than any other division of the Tacoma Police Department. These investigations have turned up a host of minor violations but no evidence of widespread corruption has ever been found.

The PART selects their own members from within the Police Department, and then puts prospective candidates through a grueling gauntlet of training exercises designed to teach them teamwork and trust of one another.

Riot Squad

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