North Tacoma

North Tacoma has a number of unique neighborhoods and personalities.

Old Town Tacoma, for example, still has cobblestone streets and has done everything it can to look like it was constructed in the early 20th Century. In reality, most of this neighborhood has been reconstructed multiple times as various fires, earthquakes, or other disasters have knocked most of the original buildings down and they have been rebuilt to code.

Granny’s Olde Time Bakery is one of the top attractions in this area. It’s known city-wide for its fresh-baked cookies, but they also bake a variety of breads and cakes.

Most of the neighborhoods near Old Tacoma used to be extremely high-class neighborhoods. However, due to their proximity to the water, they are now greatly devalued and those who could afford to move to South Tacoma, the South End or East Tacoma have done so. Many of the homes overlooking Ruston Way are now occupied by Nazzadi, who have been consistently unable to integrate into higher-class neighborhoods.

The University of Puget Sound serves as the de facto center of the North End, and the houses around it are still filled with college students, even during the summer. It is one of the few places in town there Humans and Nazzadi mingle as equals with minimal racial tension.

Notable People in North Tacoma:
“Granny” Yakavetta

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North Tacoma

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