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Welcome to Tacoma!

Players should feel free to add to any of the pages on the Wiki, including the addition of new locations and characters. In addition to expanding the world and putting your own stamp on it, players who update the campaign wiki (including the adventure log) can (and will) earn bonus Experience Points and Drama Points for their characters. Players who read the wiki regularly may find useful information or clues.

Those of you who own the book should be sure to check the House Rules page, which will be updated as things become relevant.

As was mentioned on the front page, Tacoma has had a rough time of it. PCs shouldn’t expect high heroism, here. This is Tacoma as seen by the Coen Brothers working in concert with Quentin Tarantino. Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan handled set design. Jim Butcher and Stephen King collaborated on the screenplay. Wes Craven did rewrites.

Good things just don’t happen here. And, when they do, they’re usually a setup for something much, much worse. Or a trap.

Those in authority are either completely corrupt or are thugs and bullies. Or both. Organized Crime, the Occult Underground, and the NEG are all trying to put their mark on the city. In theory, the NEG is working with the Tacoma Police Department, but in practice, they seem to be involved in some sort of complicated pissing match. Thankfully, the military seems to be staying out of it.

It’s like dung beetles fighting over a particular piece of shit – not because it’s especially good, but because there isn’t another piece in sight.

This isn’t Seattle.

Main Page

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