Jehart's Statement

Statement of Jehart, Regarding the events of 9 MAR 2084

It all started a few weeks ago – I noticed a truck at the dock that wasn’t one of mine. When I checked the board, there was no record of the truck arriving, loading or unloading, or leaving.

So I started to stagger my hours, in hopes of catching more mystery trucks. And there were a few – one to two a week. I have no idea how long this has been going on. I started tracking license information.

I figured it was just another theft ring – we get those periodically. So I checked our inventory, and nothing was missing. I spot-checked inventory several times over the next few weeks, and nothing was ever missing.

Then it occurred to me – what if they were delivering to me, and then taking away the same product they delivered? So I went row-by-row in the warehouse, and started finding that we had inventory that wasn’t accounted for in the system. When I checked the manual paperwork, we’d never been billed for it.

In other words, they have been using my warehouse as a storage unit – without my okay. I know some of my warehouse guys occasionally bring personall things in for storage – and I’m okay with that. But this seems to be on a much larger scale across more than one of my warehouses.

Two days ago, I opened a few of the boxes. Even though it claimed to be Kiwi from New Zealand, it wasn’t. It was electronics of some sort. In the cooler, there was a box of rocks. No shit. Rocks. And the coffee boxes held only sand.

Now, I may accept produce from the occasional questionable source, and I may have secret ways of getting hard-to-find foods to fill demand, but I’m no smuggler. So I called an FSB friend of mine and gave him some information. Or, more accurately, I left him a message.

This evening, I was getting ready to leave work when a couple of guys showed up in ski masks. “We need you to make a delivery for us,” I was told. “If you do exactly what we tell you, we’ll let you live. If you betray our trust in any way, you will die.”

I was told to place my personal PEEK in my desk, and I was given another to use. “This will tell you where to make your delivery. Once you have made your delivery, they will tell you where to go. If you deviate from the assigned route, you will die. If you call for help, you will die. If you get out of the car without an okay from the PEEK, you will die.”

When I saw a cop car on the road, I figured that getting pulled over would be something beyond their control – I know my guys all drive a bit fast, because I’ll cover a certain number of speeding tickets per driver per month. My customers expect on-time delivery, and I aim for early. If you hadn’t tagged me for speeding, I would have gotten a bit erratic, too. I’m just glad you didn’t ask me to step out of the vehicle …

The rest you know – or should know, if Dex and Youse reported it accurately.


1 PEEK (which had been remotely wiped)
1 Mitsubishi Box Truck, Empty
Video Footage from Squad Cars 74 and 78
Video Footage from the PEEKS of Officers Jacobs, Youse, Dexter, and Smithson
Recording of Backup call from Officer Youse to Dispach, requesting Bomb Squad Intervention

Jehart's Statement

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