House Rules

Critical Failure

Because of the asymmetric way Framewerk handles critical fails, it’s possible to succeed (even critically succeed) on a roll and still critically fail.

For this game, Critical Failure reduces all successes by three steps on the “Success & Failure Margin” chart at the bottom of Page 57. In addition, a Complication will be added to the situation (guns may jam, for example). Players should feel free to suggest their own complications.

Vitality vs Integrity Scale

As written, there is a 50x difference between Vitality and Integrity. The biggest problem with this is Tagers are Vitality and Power Armor is Integrity. In other words, Power Armor is always superior to Tagers with the rules as written.

In theory, with no Tager PCs and no Riot Squad PCs, this should be a non-issue. In theory.

Most games out there change it to a 5x difference instead of a 50x, but that seems to swing it too far in the other direction. I may also say that Power Armor itself is essentially just Armor and give it a pretty good Armor Value, but allow crits to bypass it.

For now, we’ll play this by ear.

House Rules

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