East Tacoma

East Tacoma stretches from Pacific Avenue to Waller Road, and from 72nd to Old Interstate 5. The Northern part of East Tacoma is more industrial than the South End, but there are small pockets of apartments and condominiums scattered even throughout the most industrial parts of East Tacoma.

The infamous Salishan Neighborhood is part of this area. Known more widely as the site of the Salishan Food Riots, it has always been a home for the lower classes. Late last century, it was government-subsidized housing. Much of that was torn out fifty years ago to create a massive government-subsidized apartment block. It’s estimated that 50% of the city’s Nazzadi are residents of Salishan.

The Southern end of East Tacoma is mostly residential – and mostly middle-class. Of course, the closer you get to Salishan, the worse it becomes.

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East Tacoma

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