E-Squared is a highly addictive street drug drug. It’s illegal because of its strong addictive properties. It generally appears in pill form, but there are other versions starting to appear, including an injectable version and a dissolving tab.

When examined by a lab, it appears to be Ecstasy cut with some sort of organic component which has yet to be identified.

The “high” from E2 appears to be similar to Ecstasy, but with one important difference – there appears to be a “tipping point” for E2 that varies for each user.

Once that point is crossed, it’s guaranteed to be a bad trip: users have reported feeling like observers in their own bodies – a complete loss of control.

And, of course, hallucinations and a strong fear effect.

Not only that, but when one member of a crowd has a negative reaction to E2, anyone else in the area who has E2 in their system has what appears to be a fear reaction, with a severity which varies widely. It’s not known what causes this crowd effect.

Once a user has suffered a bad trip, any further exposure to E2 will always result in a bad trip. But the drug is so addictive that users often continue seeking it out.


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