Aftermath - March 19, 2084

When last we left our band of misfits, the following had occurred:

  • Dex had stopped at the park on his way home, where he was harrassed by the parks department. Later, Commissioner Krieger himself checked on Dex.
  • The Brood who had been in custody were transferred to the Puyallup Valley Correctional Facility. Seeing them being unloaded from the Tacoma jail, Heise Youse expressed concerns to the Chief, who informed him that the Feds were taking the investigation over, as the Tacoma PD didn’t have a “Spook Squad” – a team of officers whose specific task is the investigation of “Extranormal” threats. Youse didn’t want to let go of the Brood case, and so the team was quickly given the necessary credentials to be the new Spook Squad.
  • Following the trail of a missing PLU professor (Ray Cowan), the team met with his former office-mate and frequent teammate, Professor Naurhal – an expert on pre-Columbian Spain, which is where the document the party is slowly unravelling came from. The missing occult books that the party was investigating (and which Professor Naurhal had been caught taking on camera) were in his office or at the Cowan home – he’d taken them because he had a number of library fines that he didn’t feel like paying at that time.
  • Upon returning to the station, they were informed that part of their job as members of the Division of Extranormal Activity was to liase with the FSB. And their point of contact was Agent Carlton, who began by informing the team exactly how she liked her coffee.
  • Agent Carlton also informed the team that the FSB had managed to plant a deep-cover agent into the Brood network, but he’d stopped reporting back. In fact, he’d disappeared – until the raid on the rave, when his fingerprints brought the Feds running.
  • Both Agent Carlton and Professor Naurhal have promised to provide translations of the Brood document for the team. Neither has yet delivered.

Since then:

  • The Nazzadi members of Tacoma society have been particularly agitated of late, and something is definitely brewing. Officers on patrol through the Nazzadi-dominated parts of downtown have reported that their vehicles have been pelted with a variety of things, ranging from food to garbage to rocks. Several Nazzadi youth have been brought in, but no charges have been filed.
  • The Brood were processed in using the standard procedures that the Department of Corrections uses for dangerous cults – they have been separated into multiple parts of the prison, and can only see each other in groups of no more than three due to this division. This keeps cults from communicating with one another and coordinating with one another, and has been wildly successful in other prison populations.
  • Technically, the team forming the “Spook Squad” is still well short of Federal minimum guidelines. A notice has been sent to all active-duty TPD officers informing them of the open positions. One rumor is that the Occult Investigation Squad will (on paper) all become members of the Division. The notice, by the way, makes it clear that the position is an increase in responsibility, but that there is not currently room in the budget for this increase to provide an increase in rank or compensation.
  • The local military is on High Alert following the waterfront disappearances of some local teenagers. It is believed the Deep Ones are responsible, but no conclusive evidence of this has been found.
  • The opening of the Russian Art and Artifacts exhibition draws ever nearer. A commercial which has been circulating promises a surprise. One rumor which has been circulating is that some of the missing Faberge Eggs have been found and Tacoma will get to see them first. Another rumor is that someone managed to get Lenin’s body out of Russia as a protective measure, given the proximity of the Rapine Storm.
Official Aftermath - March 18, 2084

The party spent the majority of the session interrogating several members of the Brood, with mixed success. The following was learned (or confirmed):

  • The Brood seem to have a hive mind and struggle to understand concepts such as “here” vs. “not here.” In fact, “Here” seems to translate as “the world,” but may be broader than that.
  • The Brood remember Brother Andrew, a 14th Century Templar, so time may be a flexible concept for them as well.

Other happenings of note this day:

  • Chief Warren was seen arguing with a Fed in his office. Results of that argument are currently unknown.
  • A handgun washed up and was found by a couple of kids. Its odd trigger mechanism was determined to be because it was designed to be fired by someone with webbed fingers. The party has not, of yet, alerted the Feds or the military about this, and it is unclear if anyone other than Askrob and the party know that it appears to be a Deep One gun.
  • Natalina continued her research into the Brood, and found a translation specialist in Germany who is working with her to clean up the (really bad) second- or third-generation machine translation.
Dex's Journal - March 17, 2084

How many games are we looking at? Who are the players in each?

Jehart. Not a player. A token, maybe.

The Nazzadi mob. They gave Jehart a peek and an exploding truck full of…what? Moved him across the board, then discarded him. Boom. What are they moving? E-Squared?

Switch. Another token? But not coerced. How weird do things have to get before he turns down a gig?

Brood. Getting E-Squared from the Nazzadi mob? Or vice versa? Or are they two different games?


“The Others don’t want me.” “I will check with the Others.” Only teenagers allowed in this club, grandpa. “There is no future in the old.”

Figuratively, or literally? I’m sitting here in my apartment looking down at a tab of E-Squared in my hand, and I’m wondering how long we all have.

Questions, questions, questions.

E-Squared isn’t a question. I was looking at it wrong. E-Squared is the answer.

E-Squared is the phone that connects people with the Others. There’s no future in the old, but Smithson talked with them at least long enough to know that they didn’t want him.

The Others are the only ones really worth talking to in this case.

The TPD cares about guns, bombs, stolen trucks, smuggled goods. Those things are shadows. When I talked to the Brood, I saw the reality. I got a glimpse of the game board, surrounded by titanic invisible players.

I could take this tab of E-Squared now. I bet I’d be okay.

I visited Alice after I got off work. She said, “Guess what?” I said, “You’re dating that guy from [REDACTED].” She said I spoiled the surprise. What surprise? She’s been talking about him nonstop for weeks. She’s going to introduce him to Mom and Dad this weekend, when she goes over to see their new dog. She asked me if I wanted to come. I told her I’d probably have to work.

There’s a tab of E-Squared in my hand.

E-Squared is a phone.

If I dialed it, who would pick up?

No. No, no, no. Stop it. Stop thinking. Stop

Official Aftermath - March 17, 2084

As usual, I am leaving a number of details out because I want you guys to have a detail or two to cover in your own Adventure Logs.

The party decided that the best course of action to take in terms of follow-up was to lean on Lt. Smithson’s younger brother, Jeremy.

Lt. Smithson, meanwhile, is not doing well. He has been complaining that “the others” don’t want him, and that “it” is rejecting him because he is too old. “There is no future in the old,” he said.

The party learned from Jeremy that the numbers being transmitted on a low-level AM frequency were a map key that the teenagers were using to find the site for their raves (the probable source of the E-Squared). They installed snooping software in his Peek, and followed him to the rave.

When they pulled up to the site (an abandoned apartment building), there was light, but no music. And a lot of teenagers who were mostly standing around.

After calling for backup, Dex and Youse entered the front while the other two waited by the back door.

Near the back of one of the first-floor apartments was a buffet table which features a bowl of E-Squared. Standing in the back of the room were half a dozen adults who were … oddly in sync. So were a good number of the teenagers.

Officer Youse took two shots at one of the adults, killing him. The others reacted confusedly. One of them asked “Is this pain?” At that point, all of the synchronized teenagers throughout the building sat down.

Shortly thereafter, the backup which was called for arrived – they sent “The Bus” to take as many into custody as they felt necessary. Most of the teenagers were let off with a Minor in Possession ticket at worst, but a few were less-good and were taken in along with the adults who were in the back of the first apartment.

After checking floor-by-floor, they found Eddie “Light” Switch on the top floor with DJ equipment. He claimed innocence – he has the permission of the building’s owner to be here, and he is not throwing a Rave, all of these teenagers just showed up on their own. Officer Youse shot out the equipment and Switch was taken into custody along with the rest.

The Department Newsletter contains the following notices:

  • The NEG Minister of Culture has officially requested that TPD provide additional security for the upcoming Historical Russian Art Show (set to open on the 24th). Officers taking this duty will be authorized for overtime, but they will be working with the FSB.
  • Tension seems to be brewing between the Russian Mob and the Triads – after nearly a decade without any serious incidents, there have been five shootings in the last two weeks that appear to be related to Organized Crime. Officers are reminded that public safety is of the highest priority.
  • As of Monday the 20th, Tacoma Schools will be on Spring Break, so expect a slight dip in the overall local population – but expect to see a lot more minors out and about.
  • The FSB is reminding TPD that citizens need to be reminded of their civil rights at the time of arrest – the TPD seems to be less-than-good at respecting them. Please remember to activate your cameras before reading rights to a suspect. The official statement of rights to be read to suspects is as follows: “Unless suspected of Illicit Sorcery, the following rights are granted to you by the NEG Charter and the law: You have the right to remain silent. If you give up this right, anything you say can be used against you by city, state, and Federal authorities. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, you will be placed on a waiting list and will receive assistance in as timely a manner as possible. You are not required to provide access to your personal electronic data unless compelled to do so via warrant.” Upon reading a suspect his or her rights, confirm that they understand their rights. If the suspect does not confirm understanding, remember to red-tag their datafiles so that inprocessing knows additional steps may be necessary.
Official Aftermath - March 9/10, 2084

Jehart’s Statement on the events of that evening can be found here. Appended to the statement is a list of evidence collected.

The “Street Qualification” program has been expanded, effective Monday, March 13. All officers are expected to spend at least one night per week “in the field” unless exempted by a superior officer of rank Captain or higher.

The small grocery store to which Jehart’s delivery was made has been placed under surveillance, and a raid is expected within the week.

There has been no word from the FSB, despite Jehart’s claim that he contacted them.

Out on Patrol - Thursday, March 9, 2084
Carol Jacobs

I can’t believe Chief Warren made me go out on patrol, especially with that idiot Heise and Dex. At least that should take care of my quals for the next few months, especially considering everything that happened.

We went out towards the Tacoma Mall, but on the way, Smithson from the Bomb Squad tried to hit me up for some E-squared. To be honest, I’ve never seen someone hurting so hard for E before, but he was really looking bad. I told him that I would get back to him on my next shift, but he didn’t look too happy about that.

On our way to the mall, we pulled over a box truck that was speeding past us. It turned out to be Jehart, a guy Heise and Dex both know. Apparently, he’s the local coffee supplier. Anyway, long story short – his truck blew up, and we managed to get him out of it after Dex hung around on the outside of the truck while it was moving down the road for, like, 15 minutes. It was crazy, but everyone managed to be OK. Smithson showed up to defuse the bomb, and was looking in even worse shape than before. I tried reaching out to one of my people at the mall, but the only thing he could give me was an AM frequency and the fact that this stuff is just showing up at the high school raves right now. Smithson said that he got his previous hits from his younger brother, so it might be worth talking to him and finding out where, exactly, his brother got it from. I managed to get him a hit (never mind where), and that seemed to straighten him out. Dex came by and asked me a few questions about it, too, because he thinks this thing might be related to a new Nazzadi mob that seems to be arriving on the scene. Either way, I’m going to be keeping an eye out for any of this stuff coming through after the raids on the raves – by the sounds of it, it’s a little hard to get on the open market, which means it could turn a pretty penny should any of it get out there…

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