Police Captain James Wyatt

Police Captain Wyatt


Well-liked by both his team and the community, Captain Wyatt heads up the Operations Bureau of the Tacoma Police Department.

On paper, this should put him in charge of the Riot Squad, but, in practice, the Riot Squad reports directly to the Chief. This has led to occasional friction between the squad and Wyatt, but nothing serious has come of it.

Wyatt seems genuinely concerned for his team, and – unlike many in power in Tacoma’s PD – has no problems serving with Nazzadi.

Under his leadership, the Operations Department has reached new heights of efficiency, and street crime has noticeably dropped since his promotion two years ago.

He is all-too-aware that the Operations Bureau is the public face of the department more often than not, and so he has made Community Interaction training a priority. New officers transferring from other cities are often forced to take the CI trainings before being allowed on the street.

Police Captain James Wyatt

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