Eddie "Light" Switch

Half-Nazzadi Party Promoter


Eddie “Light” Switch is Tacoma’s leading Party Promoter. He regularly throws wild parties in and around abandoned buildings all through town. Since there are a lot of abandoned buildings, he has a lot of places in which to hold his parties.

Obviously, his parties are not … necessarily … above-board. Especially as he has a habit of throwing them in the Warehouse District in New Tacoma.

So far, however, he has managed to stay one step (or more) ahead of the law. Even when his parties are shut down via the unwelcome presence of The Man, he himself has never (so far as anyone knows) been caught. Or, if he has, he’s been arrested by friendly members of Tacoma’s Finest, who know how to look the other way when the correct method of coercion is applied.

No-one knows where he lives or how to find him. He is often reported to be on opposite sides of town at the same time by credible witnesses. Well, as credible as his party attendees can be, at any rate.

It’s also not known how he gets the word out about his parties. It’s as if the parties magically materialize without any apparent planning or arrangement – and all the “right” people know where and when it’s going down.

At Light’s parties, nearly any intoxicant is readily available, and there are nearly always private rooms somewhere in the building.

Eddie "Light" Switch

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