Will "Dex" Dexter

Human TPD Para-Psychic


Attributes & Feats

AGILITY 5 Feat: 2
PRESENCE 5 Feat: 2
STRENGTH 5 Feat: 2
TENACITY 8 Feat: 4
Orgone 12
Reflex 6
Actions 1
Vitality 11


Walk 9
Sprint 22
Cautious 5


Criminal AGI 2
Education INT 2
Language: English INT 4
Language: Nazzadi INT 2
Law Enforcement INT 3
Literacy INT 2
Occult INT 2
Regional Knowledge (Tacoma) INT 2
Streetwise INT 3
Stealth AGI 2

Combat Skills

Armed Fighting AGI 1
Dodge AGI 1
Fighting AGI 1
Marksman PER 1

Power Skills

Psychometry TEN 2
Retrocognition TEN 2


CS-44 RNG: 12/25/45 Dmg +2 Sht 2 Rnds 15C
Stun Baton 0


Authority 1
Duty -1
Dark Secret -3
Damaged -2
Misfit -1
Latent Parapsychic 4
Erupted Parapsychic 2
Delusion -2
Watched -2
Ally 2

Para-Psychic Powers

First Order Load Difficulty Initiation Maintenance Page
Psychometry – Novice 30s Easy 1/15m 1/15m 69
Sense emotional residue from within last month
Second Order Load Difficulty Initiation Maintenance Page
Retrocognition – Novice 10m Challenging 3/.5hr 2/.5hr 70
See last day clearly, last week hazy

Dex is a tall, skinny oddball with blonde hair that tends to stick out in unlikely directions unless it’s wrestled into place by product.

Dex gives the impression that he’s about five steps away from being a homeless nutjob, and the way his demeanor changes when he’s around street criminals, petty gangsters, cultists and others in the lowest tiers of the underworld — as if he feels more comfortable around them than he does around other police officers — suggests that he might have spent time on the streets.

His social skills are’t exactly the best. He’ll be happy and enthusiastic about finding a bomb, but deeply concerned about whether an ordinary police vehicle is safe. He usually keeps it together pretty well, but exposure to occult or Mythos-related phenomena can cause him to become intense, obsessive and erratic. As is the case with many para-psychics, the world of the paranormal pulls at him and can cause him to withdraw from the physical world.

His parents and sister live in Tacoma, and appear to be his primary anchor to reality. If anything were to happen to them he might become dangerously unstable.

Will "Dex" Dexter

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