Nazzadi Obtainer of Things, the man who controls the Coffee supply in Tacoma.


A century ago, coffee was easy to come by. There were small booths for dispensing coffee on every corner in Tacoma, along with a number of shops dedicated to the bean.

That was before the Ascension Wars and the Aeon War. Now, shipping from Hawaii is difficult at best, and convoys have to fight their way through Panama and much of the rest of Central America.

There are a few plantations in the Old South who are growing coffee, but – again – a lack of good infrastructure has made it difficult to procure.

With that said, however, there are people who can get you nearly anything. For the right price. Jehart is one of these people. It is estimated that ninety percent of the coffee in Tacoma was purchased from him.

Coffee is not the only good he supplies to the city, but it is his most lucrative. And it’s given him a disproportionate amount of power, which he has not (yet) abused.


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