Out on Patrol - Thursday, March 9, 2084

Carol Jacobs

I can’t believe Chief Warren made me go out on patrol, especially with that idiot Heise and Dex. At least that should take care of my quals for the next few months, especially considering everything that happened.

We went out towards the Tacoma Mall, but on the way, Smithson from the Bomb Squad tried to hit me up for some E-squared. To be honest, I’ve never seen someone hurting so hard for E before, but he was really looking bad. I told him that I would get back to him on my next shift, but he didn’t look too happy about that.

On our way to the mall, we pulled over a box truck that was speeding past us. It turned out to be Jehart, a guy Heise and Dex both know. Apparently, he’s the local coffee supplier. Anyway, long story short – his truck blew up, and we managed to get him out of it after Dex hung around on the outside of the truck while it was moving down the road for, like, 15 minutes. It was crazy, but everyone managed to be OK. Smithson showed up to defuse the bomb, and was looking in even worse shape than before. I tried reaching out to one of my people at the mall, but the only thing he could give me was an AM frequency and the fact that this stuff is just showing up at the high school raves right now. Smithson said that he got his previous hits from his younger brother, so it might be worth talking to him and finding out where, exactly, his brother got it from. I managed to get him a hit (never mind where), and that seemed to straighten him out. Dex came by and asked me a few questions about it, too, because he thinks this thing might be related to a new Nazzadi mob that seems to be arriving on the scene. Either way, I’m going to be keeping an eye out for any of this stuff coming through after the raids on the raves – by the sounds of it, it’s a little hard to get on the open market, which means it could turn a pretty penny should any of it get out there…


Gamethyme setauuta

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