Official Aftermath - March 18, 2084

The party spent the majority of the session interrogating several members of the Brood, with mixed success. The following was learned (or confirmed):

  • The Brood seem to have a hive mind and struggle to understand concepts such as “here” vs. “not here.” In fact, “Here” seems to translate as “the world,” but may be broader than that.
  • The Brood remember Brother Andrew, a 14th Century Templar, so time may be a flexible concept for them as well.

Other happenings of note this day:

  • Chief Warren was seen arguing with a Fed in his office. Results of that argument are currently unknown.
  • A handgun washed up and was found by a couple of kids. Its odd trigger mechanism was determined to be because it was designed to be fired by someone with webbed fingers. The party has not, of yet, alerted the Feds or the military about this, and it is unclear if anyone other than Askrob and the party know that it appears to be a Deep One gun.
  • Natalina continued her research into the Brood, and found a translation specialist in Germany who is working with her to clean up the (really bad) second- or third-generation machine translation.


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