Official Aftermath - March 17, 2084

As usual, I am leaving a number of details out because I want you guys to have a detail or two to cover in your own Adventure Logs.

The party decided that the best course of action to take in terms of follow-up was to lean on Lt. Smithson’s younger brother, Jeremy.

Lt. Smithson, meanwhile, is not doing well. He has been complaining that “the others” don’t want him, and that “it” is rejecting him because he is too old. “There is no future in the old,” he said.

The party learned from Jeremy that the numbers being transmitted on a low-level AM frequency were a map key that the teenagers were using to find the site for their raves (the probable source of the E-Squared). They installed snooping software in his Peek, and followed him to the rave.

When they pulled up to the site (an abandoned apartment building), there was light, but no music. And a lot of teenagers who were mostly standing around.

After calling for backup, Dex and Youse entered the front while the other two waited by the back door.

Near the back of one of the first-floor apartments was a buffet table which features a bowl of E-Squared. Standing in the back of the room were half a dozen adults who were … oddly in sync. So were a good number of the teenagers.

Officer Youse took two shots at one of the adults, killing him. The others reacted confusedly. One of them asked “Is this pain?” At that point, all of the synchronized teenagers throughout the building sat down.

Shortly thereafter, the backup which was called for arrived – they sent “The Bus” to take as many into custody as they felt necessary. Most of the teenagers were let off with a Minor in Possession ticket at worst, but a few were less-good and were taken in along with the adults who were in the back of the first apartment.

After checking floor-by-floor, they found Eddie “Light” Switch on the top floor with DJ equipment. He claimed innocence – he has the permission of the building’s owner to be here, and he is not throwing a Rave, all of these teenagers just showed up on their own. Officer Youse shot out the equipment and Switch was taken into custody along with the rest.

The Department Newsletter contains the following notices:

  • The NEG Minister of Culture has officially requested that TPD provide additional security for the upcoming Historical Russian Art Show (set to open on the 24th). Officers taking this duty will be authorized for overtime, but they will be working with the FSB.
  • Tension seems to be brewing between the Russian Mob and the Triads – after nearly a decade without any serious incidents, there have been five shootings in the last two weeks that appear to be related to Organized Crime. Officers are reminded that public safety is of the highest priority.
  • As of Monday the 20th, Tacoma Schools will be on Spring Break, so expect a slight dip in the overall local population – but expect to see a lot more minors out and about.
  • The FSB is reminding TPD that citizens need to be reminded of their civil rights at the time of arrest – the TPD seems to be less-than-good at respecting them. Please remember to activate your cameras before reading rights to a suspect. The official statement of rights to be read to suspects is as follows: “Unless suspected of Illicit Sorcery, the following rights are granted to you by the NEG Charter and the law: You have the right to remain silent. If you give up this right, anything you say can be used against you by city, state, and Federal authorities. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, you will be placed on a waiting list and will receive assistance in as timely a manner as possible. You are not required to provide access to your personal electronic data unless compelled to do so via warrant.” Upon reading a suspect his or her rights, confirm that they understand their rights. If the suspect does not confirm understanding, remember to red-tag their datafiles so that inprocessing knows additional steps may be necessary.


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