Aftermath - March 19, 2084

When last we left our band of misfits, the following had occurred:

  • Dex had stopped at the park on his way home, where he was harrassed by the parks department. Later, Commissioner Krieger himself checked on Dex.
  • The Brood who had been in custody were transferred to the Puyallup Valley Correctional Facility. Seeing them being unloaded from the Tacoma jail, Heise Youse expressed concerns to the Chief, who informed him that the Feds were taking the investigation over, as the Tacoma PD didn’t have a “Spook Squad” – a team of officers whose specific task is the investigation of “Extranormal” threats. Youse didn’t want to let go of the Brood case, and so the team was quickly given the necessary credentials to be the new Spook Squad.
  • Following the trail of a missing PLU professor (Ray Cowan), the team met with his former office-mate and frequent teammate, Professor Naurhal – an expert on pre-Columbian Spain, which is where the document the party is slowly unravelling came from. The missing occult books that the party was investigating (and which Professor Naurhal had been caught taking on camera) were in his office or at the Cowan home – he’d taken them because he had a number of library fines that he didn’t feel like paying at that time.
  • Upon returning to the station, they were informed that part of their job as members of the Division of Extranormal Activity was to liase with the FSB. And their point of contact was Agent Carlton, who began by informing the team exactly how she liked her coffee.
  • Agent Carlton also informed the team that the FSB had managed to plant a deep-cover agent into the Brood network, but he’d stopped reporting back. In fact, he’d disappeared – until the raid on the rave, when his fingerprints brought the Feds running.
  • Both Agent Carlton and Professor Naurhal have promised to provide translations of the Brood document for the team. Neither has yet delivered.

Since then:

  • The Nazzadi members of Tacoma society have been particularly agitated of late, and something is definitely brewing. Officers on patrol through the Nazzadi-dominated parts of downtown have reported that their vehicles have been pelted with a variety of things, ranging from food to garbage to rocks. Several Nazzadi youth have been brought in, but no charges have been filed.
  • The Brood were processed in using the standard procedures that the Department of Corrections uses for dangerous cults – they have been separated into multiple parts of the prison, and can only see each other in groups of no more than three due to this division. This keeps cults from communicating with one another and coordinating with one another, and has been wildly successful in other prison populations.
  • Technically, the team forming the “Spook Squad” is still well short of Federal minimum guidelines. A notice has been sent to all active-duty TPD officers informing them of the open positions. One rumor is that the Occult Investigation Squad will (on paper) all become members of the Division. The notice, by the way, makes it clear that the position is an increase in responsibility, but that there is not currently room in the budget for this increase to provide an increase in rank or compensation.
  • The local military is on High Alert following the waterfront disappearances of some local teenagers. It is believed the Deep Ones are responsible, but no conclusive evidence of this has been found.
  • The opening of the Russian Art and Artifacts exhibition draws ever nearer. A commercial which has been circulating promises a surprise. One rumor which has been circulating is that some of the missing Faberge Eggs have been found and Tacoma will get to see them first. Another rumor is that someone managed to get Lenin’s body out of Russia as a protective measure, given the proximity of the Rapine Storm.


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